Psychic Readings by Ellie Macgregor

Psychic Readings by: Ellie Macgregor

About Ellie Macgregor

I’m an intuitive Psychic, Medium and card Reader who works closely with the angels. Seeking their divine and powerful guidance through the Angel Tarot cards is an ever-growing blessing in my life – a blessing I would love to share with you. I provide intuitive psychic insight you can use to further your personal growth and my mediumship abilities to connect with those you care about that have gone to other side. Whether you want to know more about your immediate future or the coming year, your love life, your career, or your health, I can help. You can even choose a general reading, if you prefer, and let the angels tell you what they want you to know, and what you need to know. Sometimes, those readings are the most powerful. There are times when loved ones who have crossed over will visit during an angel session, and pass on a message they wish for you to hear. It’s always a pleasant surprise, and sometimes an amusing one. It will be my honor and pleasure to help you make that loving, heart-based connection with the angels who patiently wait for you to ask them for guidance. My desire is to support you in making your good life a better life. I can’t wait to speak with you. Peace, light and love.

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