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Psychic Readings by Elizabeth Taylor

Psychic Readings by: Elizabeth Taylor

About Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth is a Psychic, Tarot card Reader, Medium, energy Reader and Healer, Reiki Master, past-life Reader, movement and guided Mediation Instructor. She also uses Astrology, birth charts, Numerology, Mythology, symbolism and archetype in her consultations. She uses tools like moving meditation, guided visualization, past-life regression hypnosis, Akashic records, mediumship, Reiki, subtle body energy medicine, Tarot and Oracle cards, belief repatterning, self-CBT, muscle testing, and sound healing. As an energy Healer, Elizabeth will focus on soul retrieval through guided soul journeys with breathwork, imagery and visualization. You will experience healing connections with ancestors, passed loved ones, spirit teams, telluric/elemental and galactic lifetimes and your own soul. Her passion is to make healing a fun and enjoyable experience rather than a chore by bringing together healing and spirituality. She will sooth anxiety and help you develop a place of action for your own self-care and spirit. Elizabeth is genderqueer and especially loves working with people to connect with their gender identity in a spiritual, energetic level and connect with their divine feminine, masculine, and androgynous embodiments.

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