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Psychic Readings by Colvard Sheers

Psychic Readings by: Colvard Sheers

About Colvard Sheers

I am a Psychic, Intuitive, Runes Advisor, Tarot card Reader, a Medium and Scryer. Early on, I realized the things I could do were indeed out of the norm. As a child, I always knew that I was different from everyone else but I just did not know how. I had always had imaginary friends that no one else could see or hear, but once I saw my first shadow person, it confirmed, I was most certainly different. Turns out, I had the gift to communicate with those from the other side. A gift that had been handed down through my family’s bloodline. The Tarot has always fascinated me. From my first reading, to my readings today, I have always gone with what I feel from the card and where it lands. I do not use a certain spread due to the universe telling me what needs to be said and giving me a general time-frame. Whenever conducting mediumship work, I also use the Tarot to aid in speaking with spirit to relay what needs to be said. I’m looking forward to being a part your next chapter.

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