Psychic Readings by Chelsi Samara

Psychic Readings by: Chelsi Samara

About Chelsi Samara

Chelsi Samara comes from a long lineage of Psychics, Empaths and Mediums. Chelsi is not only an empathic and intuitive Psychic, but a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor. Her favorite tools are Astrology, as well as the Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards. She has an amazing ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, energy, chakras and pain of others. This gives her a wonderful edge in helping her clients to heal in mind, body and spirit, because she can feel what you are going through. She is a nonjudgmental woman of great wisdom, who uses her extensive gifts to help her clients create positive changes in their lives with a motivational, uplifting, humorous, energetic and loving style. She has wonderful ability to connect with you heart-to-heart and with your personal journey. She is a specialist in problem solving and making order out of chaos. Through her own life experiences, Chelsi has come to a place of profound peace and joy and she loves sharing what she has learned with others. Aware that many people endure stress in their lives because they lack inner peace, she teaches each client how to begin to obtain and maintain that inner peace. She sees her work as a sacred labor of love for humanity. Through her experience, she has learned that remaining in a place of peace and divine love is key to manifesting one’s desires. She is very connected to the light and works closely with Angels and Guides in her work. She often uses Astrology to dive deeper into your life, helping you to harness upcoming opportunities and to make sense of what is going on in your life. She’s a great person to know when you meet that new love interest. A compatibility reading will give you insight on the energy and the possibilities of the relationship. To get the most detailed, informative and helpful reading, it’s a great idea to have your date/time/city/state of birth available when you call. It is her heart’s intention that you feel empowered, confident and at peace when the call is over. She will provide you with tools you can use to begin to claim the peace, joy, love, good health and prosperity that are your birthright. You will feel such a connection with Chelsi and she hopes you will choose her as your personal advisor.

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