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Psychic Readings by Charlone Lyrical

Psychic Readings by: Charlone Lyrical

About Charlone Lyrical

I am a Psychic, Astrologer, Intuitive, spiritual Advisor, Numerologist and a Tarot card Reader and I have lived life as a spiritual Seeker to find paths of evolution that have given an eclectic, free and open-minded concept of life. In my 20’s, I started to dive deeply into Astrological studies to find more knowledge of myself and my purpose outside of the professional frame. I also started to understand its connection to the Tarot and began to draw lines of clarity between the two that helped me to unlock information for others when observing their natal, composite, synastry charts. I love to share the messages that are sometimes well hidden behind the aspects of the symbols. I have 15 years of study in Natal, Composite and Synastry Astrological chart interpretation, discipline and focus. My strength is in explaining the challenges and strengths in personal, interpersonal and professional life that the chart indicates. I also have 7 years of experience and continued studies of the Tarot with a clear concept of reading techniques and also the connection that tie Tarot, Astrology and Numerology together to give the reading in a very holistic nature. A specialty area is love, romance and relationships, and the dynamics with a interpersonal interpretation to identify both blockages and facilitative features within a union of energies.

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