Psychic Readings by Celeste Kismet

Psychic Readings by: Celeste Kismet

About Celeste Kismet

I am an intuitive Psychic and Tarot Reader. Everything in this universe is comprised of varying vibrations. I use the Tarot to help find and view patterns that may not be readily apparent in the myriad of vibrations. Sometimes, the vastness of this experience can be hard for our minds to comprehend. Symbols can help ease the mind into a connection with spirit. Interpreting the symbols of the cards and messages from the universe brings me joy. I love helping others find clues to help bring clarity to their life. I’m a compassionate and nonjudgmental Guide for anyone who would like the help. Everyone’s path is unique. It is important to me that all parts of your path are honored. Thank you for allowing me to help assist you and I look forward to meeting you!

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