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Psychic Readings by Catherine Fontaine

Psychic Readings by: Catherine Fontaine

About Catherine Fontaine

I’m an intuitive Advisor and my area of expertise is reading Tarot cards. There is so much spiritual knowledge that is depicted in the drawings that I find I learn something with every reading. Tarot is a way of using proven archetypes that communicate with our perception of the world to explain ideas, dreams, intentions and so much more. I became a Tarot Reader after working with a psychic for 6 months while travelling. At the end of our meeting, I had a mind opening experience and began to communicate with parts of my subconscious I call spirits. My Aunt seeing that I needed a medium for expression taught me how to read classic Tarot cards. I have been able to work with the cards communicating with different energies and thought forms that have helped bring great insight into my life and the lives of others. For me, the Tarot is used as a gateway into the superconscious a place where higher powers can explain and warn of or resolve issues. In my readings, I use both the intricate lessons shown in the cards, as well as, my own ability to talk to outside benevolent forces for additional psychic insight. Thank you for the opportunity to look into your life in a kind and open way and offer guidance using this form of expression. I look forward to hearing from you.

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