Psychic Readings by Cassie Sanchez

Psychic Readings by: Cassie Sanchez

About Cassie Sanchez

Hello! I’m a Clairvoyant, past-life Reader, intuitive Advisor and a card Reader who offers readings using the Tarot and oracle cards while implementing some Astrology. I keep up with current transits and apply them to present issues you might be having. We also can draw cards to make connections with Spirit and see what else could be the cause or what lessons you’re meant to learn. Some of my practice has a lot to do with life lessons and our purpose, so I feel it’s important for us to know our north and south nodes in our natal chart, as well as, our life path number. I can either help you find out this information, or you can come to me ready with it, and we can have a conversation about where you are presently on your journey. Most importantly, this applies for love, romance and relationships. I can do specific spreads on relationships and give you some insight into what each of you might be going through and how it affects your bond. I can also look into past lives, soulmate connections, and self-growth. A large part of my practice is self-growth. I have always been an intuitive individual and have given spiritual advice based on psychological study and clairvoyance. I’m on my own journey with shadow work, so it’s important for me to share what I have learned and help others with their own personal development. All the research I have done and will continue to do into Psychology, Astrology, and Tarot readings is all meant to help others on their soul journey as we attempt to navigate the human condition.

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