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Psychic Readings by Carlene Mercer

Psychic Readings by: Carlene Mercer

About Carlene Mercer

Carlene is a second-generation Psychic with natural intuitive and empathetic abilities that keep getting stronger day by day. She also reads cards and loves how the Tarot helps guide people through some of their biggest problems and toughest decisions. The Tarot is a tool she can be used to offer additional insight and wisdom to those in need. She is an Advisor known for being warm, honest, trustworthy and compassionate. She feels we all choose our own destiny, nothing is written in stone. Using her gifts and the Tarot, Carlene can answer your questions regarding love and relationships, career, money and finances or any other question you might have for the universe. With over 17 years of experience, Carlene will set you on the path to true happiness.

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