Psychic Readings by Candace Glenn

Psychic Readings by: Candace Glenn

About Candace Glenn

My primary aim as an intuitive Tarot Advisor is to assist you to clearly look at your current circumstances from a deeper and wider perspective, so that you may make the best decisions to set yourself up for success. I can help you understand your current strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles, and to look where you are headed based on the energy existing at the moment. My readings help you reflect on your situation so that you can see the things you are doing that support your desires and what you might want to consider approaching differently. I am not interested in using the cards to predict your fate. I believe that the future is not static, rather it is largely shaped by our attitudes, beliefs and actions that we put out into the world. We have an effect on our lives by the way in which we interact. So, if things are looking bad at this moment, we can examine our situation and better position ourselves for the future. This is a very empowering and useful way to approach the Tarot.

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