Psychic Readings by Camellia Suprna

Psychic Readings by: Camellia Suprna

About Camellia Suprna

The universe is intelligent and intentionally speaking to you. You need only the proper speaker to hear it. I’m gifted with the ability to interpret the messages and will of the powers that be, through the divine art of Tarot cartomancy. My approach is very nonjudgmental and respectful of my inquirer’s privacy. By tuning into the energies and powers around me, and channeling those energies, I can read the answers to many questions and interpret those answers for you. This allows you to draw meaning from the wisdom provided and receive guidance through what troubles you. Tarot cards are the medium through which I receive the messages given by the universe, and through which I relay those messages to you. I provide insightful, clear, and accurate readings, tailored carefully to the need and requests of the client. My readings are one hundred percent private, and any information given by you to me is classified and will not be repeated to another person, of that you have my word. I can give direction, guidance, and assurance to nearly all facets of your life through Tarot, and hopefully bring you peace of mind concerning whatever troubles you. Lastly, allow me to quote Shakespeare and say, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” I am young, but I am also very ancient in my experience. I ask you not to let my youth precede me in my ability. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you as best as I can. Blessed be, and may divine light guide and favor you.

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