Psychic Readings by Blaine Daly

Psychic Readings by: Blaine Daly

About Blaine Daly

I’m a highly-adept card Reader, Astrologer, Intuitive and Advisor. Studying religion, the metaphysical realm, semiotics, and literature has driven me to achieve a life devoted with purpose, dedication to others, pursuit of alignment with my higher self and a deep connection to the universal energy. I’ve worked very hard to achieve the ultimate power of my abilities and talents. Years of experience has developed mastery with the Tarot, dice divination, Astrology, and Rune readings. A bachelors in English has developed the background knowledge to dive deeper into divination interpretations. Many times in life, things are not clear, allow me to bring it all to light. When you have an issue that requires spiritual insight, I have all the accurate and detailed answers that you seek.

Inactive Advisor

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