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Beatrice is an Intuitive, Seer, energy Reader, Medium, spiritual Advisor and a Tarot card Reader. She was trained in full trance work by a spiritualist Medium, and began her journey in order to better channel a relative who had passed. When she began to be impressed by subtle images she would see when reading cards, she decided to pursue the study of the Tarot. As a Medium, she passes messages to others from the other side. Usually when a caller starts talking Beatrice begins to see into another dimension. As she talks and expands from the energy she is given in what she hears and sees, she will expand upon the symbolism and other images will come through. The caller is engaged in the dialogue about the interpretation too. Ultimately although the images can be predictive, the understanding and what you do with the images you are given depends on you. Longer readings entail the use of Tarot to further intertwine the messages she passes with questions asked of the cards such as: what is the essence of your life now, what is your block, what is the obstacle blocking your path, what is coming in, what is going out, what directions you could go in, the environment you need to be in, your hopes, fears, dreams, as well as, the final outcome.

Beatrice es una intuitiva, vidente, lectora de energía, médium, consejera espiritual y lectora de cartas del Tarot. Fue entrenada en trabajo de trance total por un médium espiritualista, y comenzó su viaje con el fin de canalizar mejor a un familiar que había fallecido. Cuando comenzó a sentirse impresionada por las imágenes sutiles que veía al leer las cartas, decidió dedicarse al estudio del Tarot. Como médium, pasa mensajes a otros desde el otro lado. Por lo general, cuando una persona que llama comienza a hablar, Beatrice comienza a ver otra dimensión. A medida que habla y se expande a partir de la energía que se le da en lo que oye y ve, se expandirá sobre el simbolismo y aparecerán otras imágenes. La persona que llama también participa en el diálogo sobre la interpretación. En última instancia, aunque las imágenes pueden ser predictivas, la comprensión y lo que haces con las imágenes que te dan depende de ti. Las lecturas más largas implican el uso del Tarot para entrelazar aún más los mensajes que transmite con las preguntas que se hacen a las cartas tales como: cuál es la esencia de tu vida ahora, cuál es tu bloqueo, cuál es el obstáculo que bloquea tu camino, qué está entrando, qué está saliendo, en qué direcciones podría ir, el entorno en el que necesita estar, sus esperanzas, miedos, sueños, así como el resultado final.

Feedback From Satisfied Callers

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Mea- Connected quickly, Al is very confused and is very spiritually open, he has a few women trying to go after him and offering him new ideas and inspiration so he sees all women with motive to get next to him. So he doesn't want to respond to anyone now. Start the PC because it is going to be successful.

June 3rd, 2022

Blunt fast, but too the point. Reality check for me most definitely on what I need to work and focus on.

May 29th, 2022

Helped calm me down when I was feeling upset about some negative situation in my life but was able to help confirm the positive path for me. Thank you very good reading

April 1st, 2022

I like Bridgette . She help calm me down and have me great advice on a guy that I was interested in. I was feeling nervous no communication from a guy I was interested in and Bridgette told me to relax all will be ok . I don't feel Bridgette would tell me something it it not to be . Highly recommend you to call Bridgette for advice you will be so glad you did

July 28th, 2021

My first time calling Beatrice . Let me tell you her accuracy is amazing 100%. She pick up guy so well I called about . She even told me the clothes he wear baggy which is true . She knew he wore hats. Very impressed the accuracy and exciting good news for me a new relationship . You will not be disappointed. Please call her . Thanks Fran

July 12th, 2021

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