Psychic Readings by Aurora Monroe

Psychic Readings by: Aurora Monroe

About Aurora Monroe

Hello, my name is Aurora and I’m a highly-intuitive card Reader. As I began my own spiritual journey, I found that this is my true calling. Using my abilities and the Tarot helped me work through so much in my life, that I just had to share them with others. I love helping people with all of their problems and being able to give them the answers that they truly need. I will share information from higher levels as it relates to your personal situation. A reading enables you to see the issue with greater clarity and how to take action now to manifest your dreams and goals It’s not always about what you want to hear, but what you really need to hear. You will always leave your consultation calm, centered and aligned. So, come on inside and get that reading you’ve been debating about!I promise you won’t regret it!

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