Psychic Readings by Atlas Smith

Psychic Readings by: Atlas Smith

About Atlas Smith

I’m a natural-born Psychic, Empath, Intuitive, Sensitive, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Empath, and a highly-adept oracle and Tarot card Reader. I also use crystals and I am a Channeler for guidance from the angels. I’m here to serve all the spiritual beings having this human experience – Starseeds, earth Angels, Mystics or whatever resonates in your heart. I want to share my gifts with the collective so that everyone can step into their own power. Do you realize the role you play? You are so very important to this huge shift on Mother Earth, it’s being relayed of all over the galaxy. I receive and download intuitive messages from spirit Guides of the light, benevolently passed down from loved ones and Archangels. I’m always divinely supported and guided. I will share any messages that your Guides would like for you to know, and trust me, there is a lot! Think of me like your own personal radio that can dial in on those high-pitched frequencies of the universe. Using my clairaudient and claircognizant abilities, I can see when my Guides place the image in my mind’s eye. I end every consultation with an affirmation!YOU ARE WORTHY!

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