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Psychic Readings by Annie Wolf

Psychic Readings by: Annie Wolf

About Annie Wolf

I am an intuitive card Reader with over 10 years of experience. I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards at the age of 18 and began reading for friends, family members and loved ones. Over the years, I honed my knowledge of the Tarot and developed my natural-born abilities. In college, I studied English Literature and Art History with an emphasis in Folklore, Mythology, and Experimental Art and Literature. My education has helped me hone my skills; I learned to interpret the symbols, numbers, colors and pictures on each Tarot card as clues rooted in mythological and historical Folklore. Additionally, I was surprised to learn that many artists and writers have benefited from the Tarot by using them as tools for unlocking the creative mind. I tell my clients that the cards are just that, a tool. I tell every client I read for that I interpret the symbolism of each card based on the current energy of the situation. I use a healthy dose of intuition and empathy in my readings, but I am a firm believer in free will. Thus, my readings are structured around providing my clients with the tools they need in order to create positive change in their lives.

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