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Psychic Readings by Anika Desai

Psychic Readings by: Anika Desai

About Anika Desai

It is with immense gratitude to share my gift of clairvoyance with you. I read with tools (the Tarot or Runes) or without tools and I have a knack for channeling names of certain people connected to you. I tend to pick up on various energies in your periphery, whether it’s your significant other, a neighbor or friend, so specific questions about yourself or a specific person in question are encouraged. I find that I have the most accurate readings with those with an open heart and mind. My goal is to help you find the guidance you seek without judgment. There are no right or wrong questions; everything comes up for a reason. It is normal to hear what you do not expect or vice versa. Thank you for allowing me to drop into your energy field to answer your questions. I truly look forward to connecting with you.

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