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Psychic Readings by Angel Gold

Psychic Readings by: Angel Gold

About Angel Gold

I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot card Reader, Intuitive, Shaman, energy Reader, Medium, Telepath, spiritual Advisor, Healer, Empath, and soul Reader. I’m mostly guided via gold dust manifestation. I was blessed with gold dust manifestation 20 years ago. I perform gold dust psychic readings which include a prayer before each reading for Spirit to allow gold dust to manifest on the right cards and messages. I use my powers within to intuitively help those in need to open their souls to the journey to enlightenment. I have the ability to read souls and to channel spirit Guides through many different methods including: shamanic journeying, meditation, visions, dreams, astral projection, etc. One of my greatest gifts and joy is to be asked to read a person’s soul. A soul reading allows me to explore the depth of other people that will help their spiritual growth. By reading souls, I can see/feel the being’s characteristics, personality, feelings, and memories. I can tell if a soul has been damaged and what their souls have endured. I do shamanic journey work with mediumship readings and receive many details and info from a loved one who has passed. I do this just by picking up their energy. Mediumship readings are more in-depth and consists of inviting the spirit who has crossed over, then channel the consciousness of those no longer in the physical form to their loved ones remaining on the physical plane of existence. I use the Talking To Heaven Mediumship Messages From Your Loved Ones deck for this type of reading via gold dust manifestation, as well as, the Ghosts and Spirits deck. I invite you to join me in a consultation.

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