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Psychic Readings by Andrea Grace_

Psychic Readings by: Andrea Grace_

About Andrea Grace_

Do you need specific answers to specific questions? Are you confused as to what to do, which way to turn, who to trust? It is your birthright to feel and live in the love and joy of The Source of the Universe! Accuracy, honesty, integrity and compassion are what I can offer you. I am a Hungarian-born Intuitive, Psychic and Metaphysical Life Coach. My ancestry can be traced back to the 7 tribes of Ancient Hungarian Mystics and Shamans. Since I was a child, I have been deeply in tune with the cosmic flow of energy (Source) that guides each and everyone of us. I can communicate with my soul’s spirit guides who can communicate with yours to give you the answers to the questions that are so important to you! I am a soul #9 and also an Aquarian which in this life has paved the way for me to be of service in helping others find their true path. I am also fully clairsentient, being able to authentically feel what others feel. I can also interpret the Tarot, Astrology and Numerology since I was drawn to learn these since the age of 11. I have a BA in Psychology and have studied with the Edgar Cayce Association. If you ask, I will help guide you through the fog and lead you to the answers of the questions that stand between you and your true freedom from worries and fear, into the light of your rightful place in this world.

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