Psychic Readings by Anastasia Rose

Psychic Readings by: Anastasia Rose

About Anastasia Rose

I’m an Astrologer, Psychic and Medium. I communicate with animals, ancestors, spirit guides and angels. I use my psychic abilities to read Astrology, Tarot & oracle cards and shine light on your situation. I connect with your spirit team while my Guides go into the akashic records, sending back guidance about love, worry, inner child healing, manifestation, career, past lives, soul mission, chakras and energy. Any question you have, my Guides and I can answer. I’m also an energy Healer and Shaman practicing various reiki techniques, attachment clearing, sound, quantum, crystal and alchemical healing. I specialize in chakra and light body activation. Chakras are like energy organs! Healthy, balanced chakras make all the difference between a happy, healthy, balanced life and constant suffering. My readings are very healing because I communicate directly with your spirit Guides and higher self. If you are looking for healing, clarity, support and guidance, I am here for you.

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