Psychic Readings by Allison Angeletta

Psychic Readings by: Allison Angeletta

About Allison Angeletta

I have been psychic since early childhood and I have been a card Reader professionally for decades. I can use the Tarot cards, angel cards or any of the many other decks that I have. I offer only compassionate, positive and heart-centered readings. My readings are intuitive, extremely accurate and will empower you in your life. By connecting with your Guides, I will help you to create the life you were born to live. A consultation with me will be truly transformational. I’m skilled at uncovering blocks, showing you the light on your pathway and delivering tremendous insight. I specialize in facilitating the life change that you are looking for and it can be in any area that you choose. My life experience is wonderfully rich in the paranormal and metaphysical realm that makes for a phenomenal and nonjudgmental reading. I love my clients and I always keep my readings upbeat. Let me help you to live your most joyful and fulfilling life. Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon!

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

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Reading with this advisor was outstanding. Her view of course matches everything about her, She is Non-Judgmental, Very kind and understanding only wanting to make sure her client is satisfied with the answer they receive, Whether it is good or bad. She will explain if it is something that did not come out as you wished. Which to me was a plus. So don't take it personal if she tells you something that makes you feel uneasy. The fact is you will know yourself that what she is saying has a ring of truth. She pulls those cards like no other advisor I have ever read with. I mean she really knows her business. And in addition to that her psychic ability to explain in more detail as to what your question was. I found her to be quite efficient and very accurate as I know you will too once you have the chance to read with her. She was in line with a lot of the other advisors but somehow I felt I got the truth of what was really going on regarding a friend of mine. I will be back soon to speak with this beautiful soul of a person and advisor,.

March 10th, 2018

Thanks Allison!! Appreciate your insight, quick, concise, and compassionate answers to my questions. Will call again and highly recommend Allison as a reader. Thank you!! :)

March 10th, 2018

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