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Psychic Readings by Alayah Sofia

Psychic Readings by: Alayah Sofia

About Alayah Sofia

I’m a deeply compassionate and strong space holder who uses psychic, intuitive and empathetic skills to call forth sacred guidance for you. I am also trained in Psychology, energy healing, Herbalism and human design. During your session, I may use the Tarot cards to receive messages from Spirit to support you in the highest way and offer you the messages that Spirit may want you to receive now. I’m connected to Goddess and Sufi lineages to help bridge you to your divine, sacred birthright of blissful ecstatic connection with oneness. I offer readings on spiritual counseling, love, romance and relationships, personal growth, money, or career! any issue on your mind. If you feel called to work together, it would be an honor, please follow your inner voice and let’s meet.

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