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Psychic Readings by Zelenka

Psychic Readings by: Zelenka

About Zelenka

I'm a 3rd-generation Psychic and I have been reading the Tarot since 1994. I have had many, many times of “knowing” throughout my entire life, even as a small child. My family's ability can be traced through my mother and her mother. I'm able to see into people's past lives and receive vivid, visual pictures of events that happened long ago. As a student of Abraham-Hicks, I firmly believe in the power of positive thought. Maintaining a positive attitude and outlook will drive you toward success and happiness. It will manifest in your life, so you may harness the unlimited power within yourself to achieve all you desire. We are beings of light, both in the universe and of it. I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you in your journey.

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