Psychic Readings by Yvonne_

Psychic Readings by: Yvonne_

About Yvonne_

I’m a Spiritualist, an Intuitive Psychic Advisor, and a Paralegal, and have worked and trained with one of the best Chief Priests in the world for over 10 years. I receive my information through channeling by way of ancestral channels, names, date of birth and place of birth or residence. When we connect, revelations will come to me about your personal issues and inner secrets are often revealed, as we discover your special energies. I have a nonjudgmental approach to life, as I feel we are all human and have wants, needs and desires that must be met to enjoy a fulfilling life. Together, we will move forward to find peaceful solutions to your problems; love issues, finance or career decisions. I will never lead you towards the darkness, always towards the positive light. We are far more than just a physical body; we each possess energies unknown to us. If you are looking for a guardian angel or a trusted friend who will laugh, cry and rejoice with you, let me help. Thank you for the opportunity to provide insight into all areas of your life.

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