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Psychic Readings by Willow Matheny

Psychic Readings by: Willow Matheny

About Willow Matheny

Greetings! I am glad to see your interest in what I am all about. I'm an intuitive Psychic, Medium and Tarot Reader. In my childhood years, I had never known what gifts I possessed until I grew older. For me, to see a family friend or relative that had passed away as though they had never left, felt so nice to me. I was happy to give them whatever they requested and see them smile and be proud of me. My strongest abilities lie within a realm of spiritual awareness. I am able to harness energies from others who can be here in physical form or passed over to another step beyond our understanding. I connect with energy, the environment and use tarot cards to aide my readings. I believe in life everlasting. There are protections that lay around each of our lives. I also know that there are energies that shift and sway in and out of our life path to make sure our achievements come to fruition when we apply ourselves.

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