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Psychic Readings by William Thunorson

Psychic Readings by: William Thunorson

About William Thunorson

Everything we do is recorded in the fabric of the universe. We are all connected by strings of conscious energy. As an Empathic Psychic, I am able to sense and download psychic information from these energy strings. I am blessed with the gift of clairaudience, which allows me to receive messages from your angels and spirit guides about your life. As a practicing Shaman, I'm able to sense blockages in your subconscious which are sabotaging your highest destiny. As a Master Rune Wizard, I can trace the karmic patterns of past, present and future in your life and the lives of those around you. My style is both compassionate and direct. I won't sugar coat the truth, but I will reveal your path and purpose with love and healing energy. I have a gift for helping others understand what lovers, friends and coworkers are thinking and feeling. I am able to help you with any questions concerning love, career and finances. I am excited to speak with you and help you find your path to your highest good. The answer is within YOU!

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