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Psychic Readings by Wil Stegenga

Psychic Readings by: Wil Stegenga

About Wil Stegenga

I'm a Natural-born Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and gifted with all major extrasensory perceptions. I have developed these divination skills in an apprenticeship within the high council of wise elders, guides, shamans and master intuitives for over 20 years. My tools are crystals, gemstones, pendulums, sacred mapping and inter-dimensional geometry. I specialize in light-integration energy work, past-life resolution, vibration frequency clearing, radionics, Feng-Shui (home/office compatibility and comfort assessment), prayer work, money manifesting, love and relationship issues. I'm here to connect you with your higher self and align you with your true purpose. Freedom and happiness are our birthright and it is my goal and hearts desire to assist you to fully realize them! Please call me to share a reading.

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