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Psychic Readings by Visions To The Soul By Eva

Psychic Readings by: Visions To The Soul By Eva

About Visions To The Soul By Eva

At a young age, I would see spirits of family and friends, only to learn that a few days later, they had crossed over. As I got older, I realized not everyone has these medium experiences and decided to follow my calling. My gifts also include clairaudience, clairsentience and intuitive imagery. For over 16 years, I have also used the Tarot cards as a tool for guidance in my readings. In addition, as a spiritual Advisor, I am here to work with you on your life path, teach you the lessons to be learned, help you find the power within yourself and inspire your personal growth. The universe has infinite knowledge and I will be happy to discuss whatever is on your mind in a compassionate, loving and unbiased way. I am polite, cheerful and honest and willing to give you advice on any area in your life. Namaste~Eva

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