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Psychic Readings by Vaj-ra

Psychic Readings by: Vaj-ra

About Vaj-ra

How fortunate that “Synchronicity” has linked you with Vaj-Ra!! She's The Cartomanc-Seer, a Psychic portal through which your Spiritual Self speaks, delivering answers, solutions, +/or “clear revelation of your potential future.” And even if her name/face is unfamiliar, she's an Elder Light Worker, whose voice, and the wisdom Spirit delivers through her, has enlightened the mind, unburdened the heart – and/or unshackled the feet, of 1000s of Seekers of every persuasion. Her niche is: “Choice Points” Navigation: Relationships, Business, Career, Education, Relocation, Parenting, and Therapeutic Heart Work – Emotional Hot Buttons + Unforgiveness. Seekers with the courage to ask, the hunger to know and the intent to experience their passionate desires, can become Finders with her guidance. So since whatever you seek to know (about you and your life), is now within reach, choose Vaj-Ra for your Psychic, grab pen and paper, and get busy. Don’t miss your blessings!!

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