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Psychic Readings by Tinamarie

Psychic Readings by: Tinamarie

About Tinamarie

My name is TinaMarie, born with the gifts of being a Clairsentient, Claircognizant and Empathic. For many years, it scared me to know what was coming and at the same time, it carved my path to a life only known in my dreams. Today, I am living my dream. While in college, I consulted with a professor about what I thought were abstract paranormal activities in my life. It was through discussion and research that I realized that I am gifted in many ways. Since that time, I have further developed my gifts by being one with the universe and it has guided me and others, in acquiring happiness and peace in life. My goal is to offer you guidance and inspiration and provide a reading that is accurate, unbiased and honest. Mine is not to fill you with false pretenses, mine is show you the paths that are ahead of you.

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