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Psychic Readings by Theresa Michelle

Psychic Readings by: Theresa Michelle

About Theresa Michelle

Hello, dear friends, I am an Intuitive Psychic Empath, a Healer, a Tarot Reader, as well as, a trained Life Counselor and Coach. I also do Akashic readings, which gives you a broader perspective of your journey as a soul. I learn about you through your feelings that I identify with and also gain insight through your guides, healers and teachers in Spirit. You still have freedom of choice; these are suggestions from beings who love you outside this dimension of existence. I sometimes will speak out loud to spirit as I am very auditory and see better when I hear myself. I'm particularly good with health and relationship issues, and I am able to assist you with your career goals or your life purpose. Some of the things I tell you might not make sense to you at first, but will with time. I will try to help you use this information for whatever it is and support you on your next step. Often, I don't understand what Spirit is telling me, but you will. I'm there to support you and help you grow. I would be honored to work with you dear one! Thank you for your trust, I will honor it. I all invite questions and know that you are not alone.

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