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Psychic Readings by Terra Mcconnelly

Psychic Readings by: Terra Mcconnelly

About Terra Mcconnelly

I started reading Tarot back in 2003; at that time, I took the time to explore the abilities that were natural to me. I now can identify myself as a Tarot Reader, a Psychic who specializes in intuitive thoughts and feelings, a Medium and Empath. Once I receive the connection from you and your Guides, I can give detailed and accurate accounts of what is present at this time right now. I like to connect to someone who is willing to listen to the messages that I have, as I will answer any question and help you look at a situation in a different perspective. I see myself as a third-party perspective, and by no means do I judge or harshly critique someone or their life path. I'm a sensitive and mature soul who will not cut corners, but will also not sugar coat any situation. I am known to give readings that are personal and heart-felt. I am a compassionate and genuine individual. I work closely with the Witches Tarot deck to help me build a foundation, and then I use my intuitive abilities to go on from there to achieve any goal that needs to be accomplished when a connection occurrs. In addition to my metaphysical gifts, I graduated in 2008 with a BA in communications with an emphasis in interpersonal and organizational skills and a Sociology minor. I look forward to meeting you and thank you for choosing me as your personal Spiritual Guide. I can promise that it will always be a fun and glorious journey. Blessings!

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