Psychic Readings by Terra Jeffrey

Psychic Readings by: Terra Jeffrey

About Terra Jeffrey

I'm an intuitive Psychic and Tarot Reader and I began my journey with the metaphysical arts as a young teen. Realizing I had a gift for it, I also delved into pendulum readings. By my mid-thirties, I'd become both an accomplished Advisor and card Reader. I can use my cards for both simple questions and for more involved layouts that help explain your entire life. It's not only the cards that do the work; the Reader must have the knowledge, experience, and the intuition to discern the message the cards reveal. One must also allow the force of the cards to flow through them and show them the message inside the layout. I can look at a spread and not only see the message, but also how each card relates to every other card in the layout. My cards are a tool that allows me to see what is really going on with your life and how you can go about reaching your goals. I look forward to speaking with you helping you achieve your heart's desire.

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