Psychic Readings by Teaya Mcglothen

Psychic Readings by: Teaya Mcglothen

About Teaya Mcglothen

My natural Psychic/Spiritual abilities come from a long line of ancestors that were Shams, Spiritualist, Psychics and Tarot Readers. I am a mixture of all of them. My different abilities allow me to instinctively interpret the Tarot Cards and see into the shadows, to hear the spirits, to understand dreams and to see and feel the aura of a person. The first time I became aware that I had special talents , was when I was just a young child. I have spent my life learning about my gifts and using them to help people. Are you searching for answers to questions that you have about relationships, jobs, financial, as well as life in general ? I am here to help guide you through your every day life. Are you ready to take that step into the unknown and learn what could happen in your life? Let us lay out the Tarot Cards to see what they have to say about your life and what is happening today. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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