Psychic Readings by Taylor Price

Psychic Readings by: Taylor Price

About Taylor Price

I am a Master Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath. I give honest and accurate psychic readings with a completely positive approach. I allow only the spirits of truth and righteousness into my readings. We are not just what we see in mirror every morning. There is so much more to us than we can possibly conceive, but we can find much of what we are looking for on the other side. We ourselves are all infinite spirits and have chosen to come through life and learn what we can. We make our mark on humanity and then we return by means of our own choosing. My intension is not only to contact the other side for you, but to introduce you to your angels and spirit guides, and to leave you with a feeling of love and light. By tuning in to your own spiritual energy, I can locate answers to most, if not all, of your questions and concerns. Thank you for allowing me the chance to give you hope and insight and I look forward to speaking with you!

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

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Beautiful reading, truly amazing advisor, I am happy I called him. His voice, his presence, everything about him is very healing.

November 24th, 2015

Absolutely fantastic. Genuine and straight forward. Love the honesty!

November 24th, 2015

Taylor i s always amazing at what he does. If you see him on give him a try. He picks up on things without a dozen questions.

November 23rd, 2015

Absolutely Phenomenal!!! He is truly gifted and uses no tools!! He gives a lot of details and his accuracy will blow your mind!! He is dynamite with relationships!! He has helped me tremendously!! He is so nice, understanding, patient, caring, non-judgmental, down to earth and extremely accurate!! He's 1 of my favorites on PPN!! It's like talking to your best buddy!! Thanks Taylor- you've helped me so much!!! You're just Amazing!!! God Bless!!!

August 3rd, 2015

Phenomenal!!!! I've spoken to Taylor several times and every time he blows me away with his gift and accuracy!! He uses no tools, he's quick and blessed with a gift. He's so nice, easy to talk to, honest, caring, non-judgmental, down to earth and truly cares about his clients. After talking to him, I felt so much better!! My relationship is very complicated, but he saw it very clearly!! WOW- He's just "Amazing" & I'm so glad he's back on PPN!!! Thanks Taylor, for everything!! You help me so much!!! God Bless!! Cindy

July 23rd, 2015

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