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Psychic Readings by Sue Lyons

Psychic Readings by: Sue Lyons

About Sue Lyons

Merry meet, my friends! Since childhood, I have used my divine natural talents to help others enjoy a more enriched, abundant journey. As a Psychic and spiritual Counselor, I offer professional intuitive readings and have for almost 20 years. In my many years as an Advisor, I have experienced accurate premonitions and have seen and interpreted auras. Through conversation, and the use of specific tools, I have foretold events and have received impressions of future possibilities using the Tarot, lot casting, the pendulum and other means such as Cleromancy and Pallomancy. If needed, I also provide healing services as well. I have studied Metaphysics extensively, culminating in my ordination through Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary. I do not seek to judge, only to inspire you to overcome negative challenges and celebrate success in your life. Until we speak, may you live in peace and harmony.

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