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Psychic Readings by Stephen Dillard

Psychic Readings by: Stephen Dillard

About Stephen Dillard

As a Claircognizant Spiritual Advisor, an Intuitive, an Empath and a Tarot Reader, it is my job to guide you in love and light to discover the hidden meanings in your own life and give you the tools necessary to deepen your spirituality. I have been a Pagan for seven years. Since I practice as a solitary, it gives me the chance to explore world religions in a way that wouldn't be accessible in a group dynamic. Therefore I study Hindu, Greek, Native American and Eastern spiritualities as a foundation for my practice. Being eclectic, I also open myself up to and learn from many other spiritual traditions around the world. Most of all, I believe that EVERYONE has the ability to know what's right for them, we sometimes just need a little clarity. It is my firm belief that we all have the power within us to discover our own destinies. With an open and nonjudgmental heart, I listen intently to whatever concerns you may have. By listening, focusing and using the Tarot as a confirmation tool, I can provide a caring, accurate reading that will help you uncover insight into your own life you may have never thought possible. I sincerely care about the outcome of your situation and will help you reveal the answers in a holistic way. I thank you for the opportunity to help you on your path and I truly look forward to speaking with you.

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