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Psychic Readings by Stella Vitka

Psychic Readings by: Stella Vitka

About Stella Vitka

Welcome, I am an empathic, intuitive Psychic and I am happy we crossed paths. I use the Tarot cards and occasionally throw Runes to help bring forth the information and images that are trying to come through. I have felt drawn to guiding people through difficult times since I was very young. I began making my own Tarot cards around the age of 12 in the hopes of finding answers for those who are struggling or concerned about something. It was not long before I was reading for others who sought answers. My approach is very down to earth and simple, I would compare it to an Aspen grove, on the surface we stand as strong and individual trees, underneath we are interwoven through a beautiful web of roots that allows us to be forever connected. I would be honored to help you navigate through life's more challenging moments and be there for you in any way that I can. I will keep you in my thoughts -Stella

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