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Psychic Readings by Stacey_

Psychic Readings by: Stacey_

About Stacey_

I’ve been a Psychic of a wide spectrum all of my life. I’m all the four “clairs”, an empath, a remote viewer (which mean I see things in a remote place), sixth sense or ESP, strong retrocongnition ( the past), and finally, I’m strongly intuitive with investigations, and this I do not take lightly when helping solve sensitive matters. I’ve recently started channeling in the past three years to some degree, but only if it seems as though the sitter needs a stronger message from the spirit world. As these gifts become stronger, I hope to share them in a way God has intended for me. I want to help everyone find the answers they’re looking for in a non-judgmental way. I use no tools when working! I use only the clear pictures and feelings I’m given to complete a full and accurate reading. I will not sugar coat the reading given, nor play games. I will give only the informationthat’s given to me for your reading. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can, and I know that God has intended for me to use these gifts to help you.

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