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Psychic Readings by Sophia

Psychic Readings by: Sophia

About Sophia

I am a Natural-born Psychic and read from voice vibrations. At times, I use tools such as Tarot to focus and delve deeper into issues, especially regarding finances. My greatest area of expertise is in relationships and uncovering past lives; these I see in front of me as if I'm watching a movie. Through my many wanderings, I was blessed to meet amazing folks, and see places long forgotten, but still used by those who practice the old ways and this has led me well on my journey, though I doubt I'll ever stop searching for more. I used to think everyone got visions of lives and events like I did. It has only been in adulthood that I realized this was a gift meant to be shared, not hidden. Everyone is extraordinary in their own right. I'm here as an Advisor, Seer and Teacher. Connect with me if you seek the truth.

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