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Psychic Readings by Sidra_

Psychic Readings by: Sidra_

About Sidra_

I offer intuitive and psychic clairvoyant readings, Mediumship, dream interpretation and I am a clinical Hypnotherapist. When consulting, I will unite with the universal support of guardian angels, departed loved ones or other spirits which I have formed a mutual agreement with to provide you, as well as, myself with assistance during our sessions. Oracle cards and earthen core are used simultaneously while consulting. Both of these tools are used as a relaxing, reassuring conduit in order to receive messages for you. I will guide you through the uncertain times when you are confused or feeling down. My mission is to bring you clarity and truth using my natural abilities.

A session with me will show you how to restore balance and stability in your life, which is something everyone desires, and find out what is missing. I will provide the assistance you so richly deserve and need. Why not call me, as I am here to guide you to a happier existence.

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