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Psychic Readings by Sherrie Johnson

Psychic Readings by: Sherrie Johnson

About Sherrie Johnson

Sometimes life can be confusing and painful, sometimes magical and illuminating. I offer compassionate and unbiased, Intuitive Psychic consultations with the use of the Tarot. These readings offer an impartial and accurate interpretation of the energies currently influencing your life and situation. Your spread is a picture of what energy you are now attracting (law of attraction, like attracts like). With this snapshot, we can navigate the best course of action and attitude in order to achieve the highest possible outcome for any inquiry. These messages are delivered with great love and understanding. Allow the magic of the cards to confirm your deepest knowing, providing synchronicity, insight and guidance into your most pressing issues. I feel blessed to be able to share this knowledge with others, to feel spirit move through me and to help bring healing to those in need.

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