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Psychic Readings by Sharon Rose

Psychic Readings by: Sharon Rose

About Sharon Rose

I'm an Empathic Intuitive, a Psychic Counselor, Clairvoyant and Channel; my natural abilities were passed down from many generations. With 35 years of experience, I offer enlightening, yet realistic guidance for help with today's concerns and instill positive thinking for the future. I'm also adept in past lives, dream interpretation, the Tarot and Astrology. The answers to our questions are always there, but sometimes difficult to see on our own. My spirit guide has always been by my side, assisting me with my own spirituality, as well as, connected me with others in need. We all fall into negative patterns in our lives and I will lead you in changing direction for a more fulfilling, enjoyable life. A session with me will open the lines for positive communication and understanding for you and those around you, and confirmation that everything will work out for the better. I'm here to help you in every way possible.

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