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Psychic Readings by Shane Mars

Psychic Readings by: Shane Mars

About Shane Mars

I'm a life-long Psychic and experienced Remote Viewer. For many years, I fought against my ability, denied it, and even ignored it. It was not easy as a child never fully understanding what was going on. As I grew into adulthood, I learned to accept and embrace my gifts. Now, I know my true calling is to guide and help others. The psychic world slips and slides in and out of the material world in constant motion. Only very few selected people will ever have more than a fleeting grasp on that rhythm. One must understand that reality too, slips in time. Nothing is certain in this life. You are the one in control of your destiny. The understanding of fate is complex and intertwined with destiny. The reality is that every destiny is fluid and in your very control. From our first days, we begin to weave the tapestry that is going to be our lives. What we must never forget is that each one of us is in control our own destiny, our own reality. I cannot tell you what will be, I can only tell you what can be and what you should be. I will advise you on the correct path you should choose, but you are the one that needs to pry open the right doors in order to make things happen.

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