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Psychic Readings by Serenity Place

Psychic Readings by: Serenity Place

About Serenity Place

We Love You and Will Never Ever Forget You, Serenity. You're in God's Kingdom Now. Love, Light and Peace. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, do past lives, use spirit guides and angels and utilize Braille playing cards (cartomancy) as well. I have been both blind since birth and clairvoyant too. While I am involved in your reading, my companion Emmy (my sweet guide dog) will be at my feet sending along her loving canine touch to you. I can do pet psychic readings, help in finding lost things (pretty good for a blind girl), do psychometry, and even once in while; a passed on loved one pops in during a reading to say “hi”. I send love and light to all who seek my advice.

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