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Psychic Readings by Seer Alta

Psychic Readings by: Seer Alta

About Seer Alta

Hello, my name is Seer Alta and I'm of Nez Pierce, Blackfoot and French ancestry. My work cannot be deemed as a mere psychic reading; I am referred to as a Medium or Seer (that of between the realm), along with the rare gift of clarity and integrity. I am blessed by the Cosmic Energies, a power enabling me to receive information from the Akashic records where past, present and future exist in the same plane. My gifts assist me in all that you inquire about with the one and only truth, your truth. I have shared the gift for four decades with people nationally and internationally and you will find me open, unbiased and gentle. We come with all instructions to have abundance; joy, prosperity and we only have to claim it. There are no coincidences, only destiny.

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