Psychic Readings by Scott Angel

Psychic Readings by: Scott Angel

About Scott Angel

I’m an Intuitive Psychic Empath, Medium and Dream Interpreter. I can help with reading the emotions and energy of others, removing blocks, love and relationship issues, as well as, workplace related problems. I can also assist with changing thought patterns and heal past emotional pain. I’m very straightforward, honest and communicate the information exactly as I receive it. I value my clients and I am willing to go the extra mile to be sure each customer is serviced to the best of my abilities. Working with clients is an honor and a privilege, because it allows me to see the unbreakable nature of the human sprit. I look forward to being of service to you in every possible way.

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

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I would definitely recommend. He hit things on the head that no other advisor has. Even my go-to faves didn't pick up what he did. Some readers feed off of what you tell them. All this reader needed was my name and the name of the person I called about. Look, this reader was so scarily accurate that I didn't want to hang up. He's direct and wastes no time. If you're looking for accuracy and no fluff then this is the reader for you. If you're looking for someone to confirm that what you wish for is actually happening instead of giving you the whole picture (not judging because sometimes that's the type of reading I'm looking for too lol) then do not contact this advisor. Contact this advisor when you're ready to make some important decisions for yourself for real.

May 29th, 2022

Awesome connection and great insight. Mea

May 21st, 2022

Scott you were right again. You predicted that if I passed my exam it would be a very close one. I'll prepare a lot more and retake it again.

February 11th, 2022

Thank you for the insight was very helpful

February 9th, 2022

Scott is remarkable to say the least. Jumps right in with his reading and is totally spot on. He wastes NO time and gives it to you straight. He is my top reader and I turn to him often and so grateful he is there for me.

January 15th, 2022

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