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Psychic Readings by Sandy Lea

Psychic Readings by: Sandy Lea

About Sandy Lea

Hello, my name is Sandy Lea and I am a Psychic, Reiki Master and a Trans Medium. These gifts allow me to channel information from many sources, so that I may help you connect more easily with your own personal guides, higher knowledge and power. I am also able to see patterns that you have created through many lifetimes that could be playing out in your current life on a subconscious level. When we become more conscious of the underlying emotional and mental motivations inside of us, we can then become more in charge of our own unique destiny. We are the writer, director and actor in our own play…do you want to know what script you have been reading from all of these years? If so, give me a call. A session with me will bring clarity and understanding to all the issues in your life. I look forward to working with you to create a more beautiful life.

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