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Psychic Readings by Samantha Connors

Psychic Readings by: Samantha Connors

About Samantha Connors

I fought my way into this life, almost dying at birth, so I believe the pact with God was that I would stay, if I had a bit of extra help. I've had psychic abilities, experiences and visions all throughout my life and it is a gift that I want to share. During a consultation, I also use the Tarot and angel cards as tools to discover the path of least obstacles or least resistance from this point in time. Everyone has a destiny or dharma to fulfill, and my path is one of a natural healer that helps or heals others through tapping in to the spiritual side. You make your future through specific thought forms and choices. Yes, every choice you make sets you down a different path or set of circumstances. I cannot choose or make that road for you, but I can offer you some guidance so that things are not as overwhelming. I can help you see things that may have blindsided you and make you aware of the more fortunate things to come. My wish to you is all peace and blessings from the higher light consciousness, and hope that my readings can give you some peace of mind.

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