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Psychic Readings by Ruth Barnes

Psychic Readings by: Ruth Barnes

About Ruth Barnes

The gifts I have been blessed with are empathy, which means I can feel what you are feeling at times and I can pick up on your feelings through the vibrational energy of your voice. I'm Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, that means I can see and hear things beyond the normal five senses. I have visions while you are talking with me, as Spirit will and can hear extraordinary messages. I'm also an Angel and Tarot Card Reader, and I enjoy incorporating my cards into my readings. I began my experience and training listening to the Spirit in church in the early 1980's. That was not really the place I thought I would have started learning about things of the Spirit, except I soon realized that everything made in this world, was and still is, made from our Creator, the Maker of the Universe. All the words, come from the same God, the only difference is the spirit of truth and love or lies and darkness. This my friend, is where you listen to the small voice inside of you as you reach out to me. I look forward to making new friends and I feel we are one big family on a spiritual journey to the diverse places our higher power Please, join me in this journey we call life!

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